BUG. Observation count

I have noticed that the Observation Count tops out at 181 for the 24 hour periid

Hey @GaryFunk, I’m taking a look. I’ll keep you posted.

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It’s the same on the Sky/Air unit, tops out at 181.

Hi, @corrineb

What is the update on this bug?


Is anyone seeing this issue other than me?

On 5075 I’m seeing 192-193, 5080 is 195-196, 12859 field test units 193-195, and 22968 production Tempest 196 and it is just after noon.

I see 182 on my Air, and 182 on my Sky. I think the bug is with the label though, not the number. David mentioned a while back here that they are only going to cache 3 hours of observations, rather than 24.

Right. I remember that and the discussions on that same topic. What I don’t remember seeing is the solution that would be used.

Either of the several solutions could be adopted but it seems something got lost and nothing more was done.

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Yes, here’s an update: we dropped the ball!

This is the ball we dropped and I will pick it up now.


Thank you, David. That is good news.

Update: The misleading and undocumented obs_count_last_24_hours parameter has been removed from the status message!