Bug in axis when there is not much difference in values

This doesn’t look right. First of all I was wondering why the graph only goes in steps of 0.2 degrees in my phone (on the website it does 0.1 degrees), but what is more worrisome is that the values at the yellow line as mentioned in the top, don’t match the numbers an the axis at all.
On the axis temp is 12.2, at the top it reads 12.6… o wait, now I look more carefully, the axis show the values 12 two times. so the axis goes 10,10, 11,11,12,12. So the reading at the top is correct, but the numbers at the axis are not. And the temperatuur does go in steps of 0.1 degree. Of course this only happens when there isn’t a lot of difference in temperature, but still.

Screenshot_20180907-202817 Screenshot_20180907-202752

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