Bug Android : Lightning distance in app different from web

Just got my first lightning readings this afternoon, and when compared to blitzortung I am really quite impressed-My AIR is oriented with the WF logo due west, (which is where the storm originated actually) but I noticed one small issue- On the phone app, although the push notification and graph reported approx 20km distance- the actual Lightning card reported <5km , I did check it against the web interface and that was fine. As the bug report for lightning was merged here I thought it best to post here. Still one very happy camper :):grin:

I’m afraid it won’t be seen here as a bug

can you specify on what phone ap : android or iOS ?

I’ll move the problem to the appropriate section to declare the bug


Thanks Eric, it is Android, I should have elaborated, cheers

I believe this is a known bug that I reported several months ago.

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Now I’m going to shoot some more questions for de Android developper :zap:

Android phone model
Android version
app version

I think it should be @jstavrinaky else I’m sure @corrineb will assist

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Thanks Gary, I had not seen that post.

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Phone: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3
Android version: 6.0.1.MMB29M
app version:v2.0(42)

Hello Mr :honeybee:

can you update your WF app to latest (I think for Android it is 2.15 since Friday) and confirm the bug is still there ?


Hi Eric, just updated app and as it would happen there is currently lightning around:smile:
Seems to reporting perfectly to the card now
Thank you very much.