Bug : Android App v1.65(32), graph view starts many months in the past

Has anyone has the same issue that when you click on the historical data it starts with July 31st?
I received my station in October and need to swipe all the way to the right.
I the previous version of the app it started to show data on today and I needed to swipe to the left.
I already reinstalled the app.
This didn’t solve the issue.

Hy there

Not an Android user but for sure many others are. For the sake of debugging and helping the team to get this ironed out, can you please give your model and os version ? As there are so many Android versions in use … might help to pinpoint if it is version related etc .


HTC 10 with Android Oreo 8.0.0

Hello, I have Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Android 7.0 and my historical data do starts on the date that I installed my application which was November 15, 2017.

What version of the application is installed?

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Hi Gary, after checking, I have v1.65(32), I think I do have android to install updates automatically as I don’t recall updating since first installed.

That is the latest public version and it is very strange behavior. I have looked for any setting that would cause that and cannot find why it is happening to you. @dsj or @corrineb will have to advise.

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I never noticed this on my warranty-voided Amazon Fire tablet running V1.65(33) that I use as a wall-mounted weather console. It updated by itself to 1.70(34) yesterday afternoon from the Google Play store, and I just confirmed that it drops me to the current date/time when I tap to bring up the temperature history graph…

Just to see if this has any effect, clear the cache, force stop the app and restart it.

Thanks for the bug report @fransbrus - you’re the first to report such. We’ll try to reproduce it here and contact you directly if we need any further info.

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The app version is v1.65(32)
Thanks for investing it

I installed the application on 8.0.0 and it’s working properly. The only thing I notice is that the graph seems to load at the start date and then scrolls extremely fast to the current date and time.

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Hmm, that last thing after load does not apply to me.
But I see that the first date is today August, 5th.
So it looks like it’s showing the startdate 179 days ago…:thinking:

It seems that the animation isn’t being triggered but I’m just guessing. @corrineb would know. She’s the genius behind the code.

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Ok @dsj and @corrineb I think I now how you can trigger this :blush:

If I zoom out the data (so in a graph push the - button as far as you can) the data starts at March 2014
Exiting the app and go back to a graph and it will go to March 2014
If you repeat this for a different zoom level you whil start up at a different date.
But it always starts at the earliest date possible visable it the app.

Maybe this can be figured out …
I think it should always start at the current date/time and not somewhere in the past.

It looks like the - button trggers the graph to go left and the + button to go to the right

I hope somebody can confirm they have the same…

Thanks, @fransbrus. I agree the scrolling behavior needs some love. We have this on our bug list now and will address it in an upcoming build.

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@dsj I reset my phone to factory settings and now there is no issue anymore.
Seems like the upgrade to Oreo caused this behavior…
I think issue can be closed.

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Thanks for the update, Frans. We also changed the behavior in the latest Android build (still in beta). Which version do you have now (scroll to the bottom of the menu)?

When I open the history, I see the data scrolling.
I don’t have any issues with that. At least I don’t have to swipe anymore :wink:

Ok. Glad it fixed it for you, but the truth is the scroll was a “flourish” we used to cover up another issue with the graphing library. We’ve got a better work-around now for that issue and have therefore removed the scrolling altogether in the forthcoming v1.80. The graph will now show you the latest data immediately, by default, which is consistent with the iOS and web apps.

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