Breathe and other products

Totally read my mind as I hold the same view. Designing the product in this way allows easy scaling while adding value to all parties. This alone makes the product better than most on the market today. Just following this simple concept of having the ability to add modules in a stacked manner would truly be a game changer.

Just spit balling here but lets assume the thing looks like a small rectangle. The main base would have X sensors. At the bottom would be push and slide rail where another sensor could simply be inserted.

Weather Flow comes out with a new sensor ~ No problem.

Just purchase and slide in that new gizmo you want which also keeps the initial price down for all. This would also avoid having to carry multiple sku’s for products. Just have a base unit and have the ability to extend its features simply by the push and slide tray topology. :+1:

Perhaps a sound sensor (great for detecting fire alarms as well) or more atmospheric related an infrasound detector. Which can hear volcanic eruption over a very long distance or thunder or other phenomena

Well I got all excited there for a moment!


@dave . That is not a WeatherFlow product. Cool name, however. Wonder what makes it “smart” ?? :thinking:

Yeah I know, just immediately thought of you when I saw it :slight_smile:

I’m still waiting for an actual “smart” product. To date nothing I have that is marketed as smart actually is. All the products are dependent on distance software on distant servers. Not too smart


I would vote for the Breathe unit to have an indoor barometer. Yes, the Air unit already has that built in, but I find the readings to be too volatile as they appear to be influenced by ambient air temps. As an example, this morning from 3am to 6am my Air showed a change in pressure of .24" as opposed to my VP2 & all other units in my area, including local airports, as having a general .08" change. That’s a 3x difference in the rate of change. I have this kind of fluctuation fairly frequently. Having a barometer built in to the Breathe, would eliminate this issue as it does with most systems that use indoor barometers.

@vidguy7 can you share your station number so others can see your data?

Sure Peter, it’s 6187.

So I’ve had a look at your data and I am struggling to see the pressure change you are talking about.

Attached is a figure showing your pressure graph from this morning. The time stamp is unfortunately in my timezone (UTC), so 3 am to 6 am New York time is 8 am to 11 am UTC. I have highlighted the pressure values at those times and the calculate the difference, and it is almost bang on 0.08" as you said other stations observed. Perhaps I am missing something, but all seems fine :slight_smile: .

Either way though, it is not clear to me that a measurement of atmospheric pressure that is isolated from ambient air temperatures is what we want. Differential heating and cooling of the atmosphere is an important part of the dynamics that drives the atmospheric circulation from the global scale (i.e. the Hadley Cell circulation) right down to the local scale. For example, on- and off-shore sea breezes are caused entirely by the pressure differential associated with the differential heating of the land and the sea. Surely we want to observe that differential in our measurements?


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Pete, I’m showing something very different on my chart. Here are the beginning & end points of this 3 hour period. You can clearly see the values at the top for each highlighted time. So this is the .24" drop I spoke of vs. the .08 on my Davis & surrounding stations for the same time period.
Begin%203%20hour End%203%20hour

OK I see it now. I calculated the 0.08" drop between 3 am and 6 am, whereas the .24" drop is between 3.30 am and 6.30 am.

Patiently waiting for the arrival of the Breathe! My WF station is working flawlessly 5⭐️!! Forgot to mention the solar panel, another 5⭐️!!



Is there nay chance of an update relative to a projected launch date and also any chance of a bullet proof list showing key monitors?
Would be appreciated

No specific updates or concrete product road map milestones to report. Focused on weather stations and associated meteorological technologies for now.


We want Breathe! :upside_down_face:

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Just calm down, relax and B R E A T H E… :rofl:

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From a post on the Tempest thread.

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Do you really think this will be a first sign, an indoor sensor BREATH will never come?
I’m still looking forward to the promised further announcements these days…