Brand new Tempest. Will temperature correct itself?

Long time owner of Sky/Air. Just got my new Tempest. The temperature is tracking ~2-3 degrees higher than my Air- which tracks PERFECTLY with my Acurite and a Sensorpush probe - and is usually within .1 degF of my neighbor’s Acurite.

Will this correct itself over time? I added my old Air to the station as a comparison. Pressure is also off a tiny bit, but I’m not sweating it.

Thanks! New station 32054

ps: We just had a 40mph gust. NO FALSE RAIN!!! Woohoo!

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Just like with the AIR, it will take a little while for the pressure to be calibrated, possibly a few days.

Temperature should be correct. Remember that elevation can place it in a different air mass than your AIR might be in. You might consider temporarily placing the AIR and Tempest beside each other and watch the temperature readings. Remember that the AIR has a much slower response time than the Tempest due to the thermal mass around the sensor.

BTW, remember to update the link in your profile. It still points to your old station.

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temperature with tempest needs correction from solar irradiation and wind (I’m not sure if it also needs humidity). but some of those extra parameters do get calibrated over time, which does effect the temperature. Just give it some time.

Just curious if your temperature was ever corrected on your new Tempest?


Yes, but it was an embarrassing ordeal. I contacted CS and asked them to offset the temperature of the new Tempest 1.2degF to match my Air. They happily accommodated my request. Then over the next week - the Tempest stabilized to be almost perfect with the Air - pre offset! I then had to contact CS again to have them revert the offset. Very embarrassing, and a waste of time for CS. I feel terrible. The Tempest reacts much more quickly to temperature changes than the Air. It is best to compare them when there is no sun or wind.

That’s crazy…doesn’t seem right.