Bottom cap on Tempest EXTREMELY hard to remove

The couple times I’ve had to remove the bottom of my new Tempest, it is crazy hard to twist it open if I need to turn it off/on. So hard that I’m afraid of squeezing the solar panels if I misplace my hands.
Had to do this last night and registered .06 inch of rain while I spent a couple minutes to open it.

Anyone else have this problem and did you apply anything to that area to make it easier to open?

Yes. It is very tight. It is nothing to worry over.


It is really tight sometimes. I think this is partly in response to some people having their SKY fall off the mount. Next time you need to remove the Tempest, you could unplug the hub just before you remove the Tempest so that no rain is recorded. Since you will be power cycling the Tempest it will forget all that false rain from taking it off the mount. When you put it back on the mount, make sure you power it up at the last moment and mount it quickly. Also, don’t forget to plug the hub back in afterwards.