Both Devices Offline, Hub Seems Okay

Both my Air and Sky went offline at exactly 9:25am this morning, which points to a HUB problem. The HUB light is green and I’ve tried unplugging it and it remains green after reboot. If I go to my station site status here (Tempest Station Status) the HUB state shows “online.” However if I try to mess with the wifi settings in the app, I get a message “HUB not connected.” I honesty don’t know what to do here…

Can you get to the Air and press the LED button? Try that and see if it reconnects.

“hub not connected”? is bluetooth working on your phone? is the led on the hub blue? (it should be if you are connected using bluetooth). If bluetooth is working, there might be a wifi problem. Try connected that again (be sure your phone is connected to your 2.4 GHz network, not your 5Ghz one)

The Hub is definitely online. It is delivering data to the servers every 60 sevonds.

Hey Gary, I just brought the AIR inside and pressed the LED button. It flashed green. I even just replaced the batteries since it’s been 2 years (almost to the day!) and it still flashed green when I did so. My SKY is solar powered, so I didn’t think it was a power problem, but wanted to be sure. I held the button down, and it flashed green several times, and now it keeps flashing green every 5 seconds or so…still no data from either…

It seems like it may have lost pairing which is really strange. The Air reported that the batteries are still over 3 volts. You could try adding a device to check if the Hub sees the Air. A flashing green light tells me the Air is paired to the Hub.

Hi Gary, doesn’t a flashing green light every three seconds mean that it is in pairing mode? I don’t think it’s pairing to the HUB… Also, I can’t add a device because every time I try to do so, it says “HUB not connected” in the app, even though bluetooth is enabled on my ipad and I’m sitting right next to the hub…

Isn’t there any other device locked in BT with the hub when you think it is your iPad ??

Ok, so correct me if I’m wrong…to mess with the HUB, all I have to do is make sure I’m right next to it and go to the WiFi settings in the app. Then the LED on the HUB should turn from green to blue, right? I’ve tried doing this on both my ipad and my iphone, and I keep getting the same “HUB not connected” message…

That’s really weird. You can try a reset on Hub. I’m not sure you have anything to lose. Tech Support can restore your old data.

You can try a reset and start fresh. If it works, you are good. If it doesn’t, you may indeed have a bad Hub,

Does the light on the Hub turn Blue?

Hey Gary, I’ll try that (is that the little pinhole above the LED light on the back?) The hub light never turns blue for me. When I reboot, it turns red, then right to green, and it stays green when I try bluetooth. I think you’re right the HUB is bad since both AIR and SKY crapped out at exactly the same time…

So I did the hard reset. Now the hub light is red and stays red, this is not looking good…

turn it off/on, make sure only one device is connecting to it using bluetooth (turn your ipad off)

At this point even turning it off and on does nothing…the HUB is always red now…

you might check the list of previously paired devices in your bluetooth setup of your phone. remove it from there, reset the hub, and try again.


try what is written in this page, try to go over all the options to make sure you tried everything possible, if not let me know. It is really not easy to try to imagine what you do or what happens with the hub. We do our best

hub led = red, it can’t connect to wifi for some reason, maybe it finally reset completely ??? is the hub still configured in your app ? Maybe delete all and try to start from scratch.

If nothing goes, do open a ticket . Maybe you hub did go bazooka for some reason.

Hi Eric,

I went through the steps listed here, including adding a new station, but my phone cannot connect to the HUB. The HUB never flashes blue at all upon a reset, it always stays red, so it connecting to another bluetooth device is unlikely (especially because I’ve unplugged all of them). I can’t even get to the point of entering the serial number of the HUB as a result…

ok, weird. Not much we can do, open a support ticket please. Guess this is going over our options of the forum.
Let the hub powered, hell knows if the night brings some green led :wink:
Support will take over from here and help you out.
Sorry this is happening.

Did you even try to remove the station from the app, uninstall the app, and reinstall it? if everything fails, as eric mentioned, support is indeed the best way to go.