Bluetooth issue?

I have observed what may be an issue with the Hub and BLE. Last weekend my daughter stayed for a couple of nights and on each occasion at approx 06:00 the next morning the Hub went into a state with the blue led permanently ON. I was unable to communicate using the app on both android tablet and phone and had to resort to power cycling the Hub to recover the situation.
The only difference between this visit and previous visits was that my daughter was wearing a fitness tracking watch, TOMTOM SPARK 3 GPS fitness watch. Each time the watch was in her bedroom approx 15m and two interior walls away. It may not just be the fitness tracker but her android phone communicating with the tracker.
Has this been experienced before? Do I have to ban fitness trackers?

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Hi Mike. Thanks for your report. We’ve had a handful of similar reports where the Hub light turns blue and requires a power cycle to clear it. We have not been able to reproduce it here, despite many attempts. Some of the other reports include the Station ceasing to report data and going “offline” (restored by power cycling the Hub). Was that your experience as well? Or was your station working properly other than the light being blue and your not being able to connect via BLE with the Smart Weather app?

One thing to check, of course, is that there was not another instance of the SWS app running somewhere that might have been holding the BLE connection open. Android in particular has a tendency to stay connected even when the app says to disconnect.

As for the coincident presence of your daughter’s fitness watch, we’re pretty sure that’s exactly what it is: a coincidence. It should NOT be possible for a fitness watch (or any other BLE “peripheral” device) to connect to the Hub (which is another a “peripheral” device). It is possible for another “central” device (like a phone or tablet) to connect to the Hub and keep the SWS app from connecting to it. But I would think it very unlikely that the TomTom app (or any other mainstream BLE app) would do that, since that would constitute a serious bug on their end (connecting to a device that was not their product). Anecdotally, my wife has the same watch (TomTom Spark 3), and she uses it all the time (the device and the app) all over our house, without any interference with our Smart Weather Station.

But Android and BLE are weird. If you can figure out a way to reliably reproduce this behavior (with or without your daughter’s fitness watch), please share the details so we can try and do that here.


David, @djs If you have any ideas on what I can do to try and produce this on demand, please let me know. I have seen this a few times and have yet to cause this on demand.

I wish I had some ideas but we’ve been unable to reproduce the issue.

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Hi David, at the time of the issue I am pretty certain I was also unable to see data via the internet.
I could only get a blue screen with no values on the Samsung S2 tablet and Samsung S7 edge phone apps.
I closed all open apps and even reinstalled the SmartWeather app but still no difference. Unable to connect to Hub to change WiFi. Only unplugging the usb cable from the hub solved the problem.
I agree that the fitness watch is probably just coincidence but that was the only extra BLE device that was there for the two occasions that the Hub locked up. BTW my daughter commented that a Whatsapp backup occured that night on her phone. Could that cause her phone (Android) to seize the Hub via BLE??

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Does she have the WeatherFlow application on her phone?

If so, is she logged in to your account?

Not on her phone as far as I’m aware. I know she looks at the internet site.
To be sure I’ll message her now.
No she does not have Weatherflow app.