Bird Deterrent ..Does it cause inaccurate readings

I was wondering if anyone had bird spikes attached to the top of the Tempest and if it has caused rain reading to be inaccurate? Just wanted before purchasing one. Thank you…Paul

I’ve read it causes light readings to be off caused by shadows across the top or s’thing, not sure if it would do anything to rain readings?


only buy them when you have a real bird problem. You shouldn’t put them on, for “just in case”


My thanks to both of you. :slight_smile:

I haven’t noticed any difference in rain readings with or without them. Just do as @sunny said, only install them if you have issues with birds.

Depending on your latitude, the spikes can cause a shadow across the light sensor and affect the reading. If you install them, try to make sure they are oriented such that there is no shadow on the sensor for the hour either side of solar noon since this is the time data is collected for sensor calibration.

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