Beta testing for the Breathe

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Greetings WeatherFlow,

Hey I would like to be a beta tester for the Breathe. When does WeatherFlow think the Breathe will be available to the public. I am retired (El Tech) from the NWS and would love to help out WF with its new sensors.


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Still no ETA on BREATHE, but we’ll announce it as soon as we have one!


Can’t wait!! Love my WF station👍


I also am interested on being a beta tester. I love the weatherflow system I have so far.

Yes, I was wrong. I underestimated the time.

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Whenever it comes to market I will diffidently buy one!!! I would love to be a beta tester but I know y’all have a ton of people wanting to be testers! But anyway I am a WF guy and would buy any product WF comes out with!!




I would be willing to participate in the Breathe beta testing. I own 3 PurpleAir monitors. WeatherUnderground sensor LMNSAINT25

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I’d be interested in hearing what you think about the PA units. Given all the wildfires up here in the Pacific Northwest last year, it would be nice to have some good data at an affordable price.

Last year we waited too long before MacGuyver’ing up some air filters. It was a (cough) bad (wheeze) summer up here.

Yes, the smoke from the Pacific Northwest fires impacted Minnesota as well, and the PurpleAir monitors picked it up with no problem.

I have 2 outdoor and 1 indoor monitors. Only one of the outdoor units is running now due to a power supply issue. PA sent me a new power supply, but more snow needs to melt before I get it replaced.

They have 6 channel (bins) particle sensors that measure from 0.1 - 10 micron. The outdoor monitors are dual channel, the indoor a single. My outdoor monitors store raw data on a microSD card.

The units held up in the minus 30 temps this winter. No problems. Access to data is limited to what you can get from their map website. At least, I do not know how to get more data, other than the microSD card.

Support is good. They have been responsive to my requests. I would be nice if there was smartphone app and I think they are working on one. There is F-book page for news and updates.

Let me know if you have specific questions.


interesting PA website with a map. Thanks for posting

I’m in the PA Poconos… few miles from 2 rock quarrys wondering if Breathe would be successful in reading dust pollution.

not if it doesn’t exist yet :frowning:

I’m definitely ‘in’ if WF is looking for Breathe testers once it does exist !!!

I’m sure WF has their own criteria as to what they are looking for in picking beta testers.
Not sure it does any good to volunteer or audition.

Not auditioning, but never hurts to volunteer…

I think it will be a shorter list of those that do want to get beta units.

Along with two rock quarries within 5 miles or less of me.

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Yes sir, please add my name to Beta Test.

I feel guilty even volunteering to beta the Breathe, based on how effortless the SPA beta was. However, I do have a PurpleAir and I think it would be interesting to compare their data even though one is indoors and the other is outdoors.