Best wall-mount for Hub?

Anyone have a great way to mount the hub to a wall? I have a utility closet with my router, server, and various hubs mounted, and would like to add the Tempest hub here.

Suggestions welcome!

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double sided tape and stick it to the wall? it is pretty light.

Velcro is the all-purpose first choice. Ok second choice behind duct tape :slight_smile:

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My only complaint about the current Hub design is that it does not include a flat surface conducive to wall mounting.

I, um, voided the warranty on one of my Hubs and re-homed it into a plastic project box with flat surfaces and mounting tabs. An option for those who want to keep the factory case might be using an inside “L” corner brace as a shelf, with a loop of velcro around the center sort of like a fire extinguisher mount…