Being able to see Sky & Air on Home computer

I am trying to see my Sky & Air on my laptop computer. I can connect to them by going to each station number. On my phone I can access all of the from one site by clicking on the emblem of the Tempest in the upper right corner. On my Laptop I have to access each of them by their station number. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure I am following you here. Each Sky/Air device does not have a station ID. The station ID is only associated with the hub. So unless you have two hubs, with the Sky attached to one, and the Air attached to the other, you should only have one station ID.

You can access your station on your laptop by using this link: (of course you need to replace STATION_ID with your ID)

Direct link to your station ? If so it is offline for quite some time

You have to be logged into your WF account to see all your stations from the drop-down menu. The last time I used a browser which either had lost the login-cookie or I hadn’t logged in on it yet, I had to login to the forum and then it finally showed my stations in the drop-down rather than as if I was a guest viewing it.


Eric, Unless I misunderstood, I was told to delete my old stations. And then use my new hub and all of them should show up. I have found all of my device addresses and can access them one at a time. At one time I could access all the stations from the same place, not so now. I have tried several times with no luck.

Peter, All I get at that address is a blank tempest page.

Have you changed “STATION_ID” in the weblink I shared to your actual station ID? Can you share your station IDs with us so we can help you troubleshoot?

My stations are as follows: Rauc-A-Bye Farms-Tempest 22387
Old Sky 22388
Bird Feeder Air 22390

Have you specifically added your Old Sky and Bird Feeder Air device to your new hub using the app? It looks like these devices are not associated with your Rauc-A-Bye Farms-Tempest station which I assume is running on your new hub. Follow these instructions to add a new device:

Adding a device (Tempest / AIR / SKY)
A station may contain up to 16 sensor devices such as the AIR, SKY, another AIR, at the same location. You might place an AIR in your backyard, and another in the wine cellar.

  1. Open the Tempest Weather app and stand near the hub. Make sure you are logged in to the app using your username and password.
  2. Make sure the hub is connected via BLE, a solid blue light will display on the back of the hub.
  3. Tap the settings icon in upper left corner.
  4. Settings > Stations > (choose a station) > Manage Devices > Tap the “+” in upper right > follow the instructions to add a new device.
  5. If the app does not detect your new sensor device, try opening and closing the battery door which triggers the device to broadcast a signal to connect.
    Using SKY solar panel accessory: Detach the solar panel momentarily and reattach.

Maybe I am not being clear as to what my problem is. I can see all of them on my phone but not on my home laptop. I was able to do that last week but have messed up some where. Thanks for all the help. I will keep working on it.
Again thanks

Also I can see the devices on my phone but they are offline.
Maybe I am being a little bit of perfectionist.

Thnaks again

I think something odd is definitely going on here.

How many hubs do you have powered up? Is it just your new one, or is your old one also plugged in?

When I go to your Rauc-A-Bye Farms-Tempest 22387 station ( I see data from your Tempest device. However, when I go to your Old Sky 22388 and Bird Feeder Air 22390 stations ( and I don’t see anything at all. This seems to agree with what you see - the Air and Sky devices are offline.

If I look a little deeper into the station details using the API, I can see that the Tempest station is associated with hub HB-00022958 ( However, if I look at the same for the Sky and Air stations, then they are not associated with a hub at all (e.g. for the Sky: This would explain why they are showing as offline. They simply are not sending their data anywhere.

Of course it is hard to know exactly what to do without seeing what you can see, but it sounds like you need to re-associated your old Sky and Air with your new hub. For some reason although they are showing up in your app, they are not actually associated with the new hub. I think you might want to follow this procedure for merging stations: You have already done step 3, but you need to do step 2 (delete both the Old Sky and Bird Feeder Air stations), and then step 4 & 5 (and optionally 6).

Thanks again. Just the new hub. Old hub is on shelf in closet. I reset everything after I deleted my old station that is why it, #7416, is inactive. I will try again to Reset the older stations. Will they have new station numbers after that? Or should I reset all 3 and start again?
Thanks again

Just reset each device, SKY & Air, then go to the app and add device as @peter said above. All the devices will be on one station ID. There is one station ID per hub, not per device.

Be aware the applications graph the primary device.

Again I reset my old stations per instructions and get the same thing. My Tempest shows up on my home computer, but not Sky or Air. They all show up on my phone , but Air & Sky are offline. If they can all be put online that is fine. But it would be nice to see the Sky, Air and Tempest report to see if their information is the Same or close. If you would like to continue this conversation, per step # 6, then you can contact me @

Thanks again

What is your new station ID? We can’t help much if we don’t have a way to look at your station. It is also unclear when you say, “I reset my old stations” if you are referring to the whole station, hub and devices, or if by station you mean the SKY, Air, and Tempest devices. We want to help but need more information.

Please note that most of us who post here are volunteers and are not paid by WeatherFlow. Continuing over private email is not likely to get you the best help as it narrows things down to just you and one other person. Furthermore, some won’t want to use their personal email as a tech support email address. You will get the best support here, otherwise email WeatherFlow support directly.


Hi Don, as @gizmoev said, please stick around here for help. I can see you have deleted Old Sky 22388 and Bird Feeder Air 22390. However, the station with your Tempest ( is still not showing that either the Air or Sky device is associated with it.

Did you follow the instructions here to add the Air and Sky:

Can you share some screen shots from your app showing what you see?


this was not easy to solve and thanks @derek.trauger for the help cleaning up all this.
Not going in the details but all has been merged in one and single account now. Tempest, Sky and Air are now all linked to a single hub

your station ID is now 22387

all has been merged into this account

linked to your gmail account. You will see all together in one place.
All other accounts are deleted since there was nothing, no data etc.

Hopefully all is ok now for you. Enjoy your account


I sent a screen shot in another Email. That was the 1st screenshot I have ever done.
Again thank you and al others helping me figure this out. Might just give up after this. I can see all three stations on my phone. Only the Tempest on my home computer. Both the Air and Sky say they are off line.