Battery Voltage

I’ve had my Tempest station up and running now for just over a month. I have it set upon a 10’ pole with access to direct sunlight for most of the day. That said, I’d expect the battery voltage indicator to be fairly high. However, I’ve never seen the indicator go above 2.79. Does anyone else see something similar to this? I would think I should be able to climb higher than that.

2.79 V indicates the battery is fully charged. Some users might see a voltage as high as 2.81 or 2.82, but the actual increase in battery capacity is negligible.

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Thank you for the response, Peter. That is great to know.

the batteries don’t hold a lot of power above 2.62V. Which means it charges faster when above that voltage, but also discharges faster.

On both our Tempest stations we now have 2.66 and 2.67V after the night.

It usually gets to 2.7-2.8V after 10am if the sun is visible.

Our fall has started and there is less sun, I know from previous seasons that it will be worse.

I already have a PowerPack ready for one station (that doesn’t see the sun all day). Czech Republic.

Am I misunderstanding something here? I always see more than 3v

Yes indeed

You have a Sky and not a Tempest. They do not have the same voltage settings nor the same battery.
The Tempest has a lower voltage range compared to the Sky.

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