Battery Voltage drop (then spike)

OMG! what just happened? I plugged the PBA in and plummeted from 2.68 to 2.33V immediately

I’ve unplugged it and it’s recovered somewhat

I’m wondering if my repair to the cable is at fault? (why didn’t I test it when I got it down the other day! duh!)
My repair is an exact copy of the wires
Original wiring connection

My repair

Oh S*** …I see I’ve put them the wrong way round, or have I?

Yes Silly me I’ve got my orientation completely opposite.


In case you or anyone else wants it, the pinouts I measured on a new PBA are in this thread: .


I’m going to have to make a crossover (cross-back) cable to rectify my error (to hell with getting it down again)

I had a look in the PBA box (no cats were harmed)

There’s no weatherproof sealing on the box which is rather odd/lame

Problem averted
Just mirrored the normal Network cable (RJ45) as this is what the flat cable supplied with the PBA is, on one side past my connection block.

Just need to shorten my cable as it’s too long and it’s good to go

Oh wait…So I powered it up about 5;15pm and it kinda trickle charged for a couple hours then (holy crap bat man) went off the scale (3.79V+?) for 2hrs at 9pm and back to normal after that but keeps charging with (latest fw) Edit; after zooming in it looks like it went crazy!!!

I have since unplugged it as I only wanted to see if it continued charging once I plugged the PBA in below 2.6V.
I was under the impression the charging would cease automagically with the latest fw! as it ain’t I have unplugged it.

Open a support ticket. This is not normal at all. When you do, please give as much details as you can like PBA added with batteries or plug, contacts clean, greased etc etc.

Also you can already try to use the switch under the Tempest and toggle that one like 10 times back and forth (micro corrosion/dust), end on ON and let it booth and try once more if it does the same.

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Unfortunately, my install is an awkward one (meaning when it’s up it’s up & out the way) I only get at it if it’s absolutely essential. (it may warrant doing but I’m only usually dismantling it if the wind gives me a problem) I’ll shoot them a ticket for now.

It seems as if some kind of memory effect (in the batt’) has been introduced since my polarisation failure!