Battery voltage and Transmitter Signal strength

How can I get information on battery voltage and transmitter signal strength? Station info is

to show the battery card, go in

settings -> station -> advanced and toggle it ‘on’

to see rssi values : on top right click on the Tempest symbol, the card will flip over, then under, right side click the green bullet, there you have all details :wink:

Thanks for the information eric. What are good values for battery voltage and rssi?

Regarding battery and voltage you have a nice explanation on this page related also to power saving modes.

Rssi is between 0 and -80 db (yes minus,), over -80 signal is getting to weak and you start to have dropouts or worse, broken link. The closer you are to zero the better but on average if you can do -70 or better, you’ll have no issues.
From what I see you are perfect.

Great information eric. I am so happy this unit is up and running now.

Or, to say in terms mathematicians, engineers and physicists use : below -80 dB :wink: the signal is to weak
So, a signal strength better (towards 0) than -80 dB is necessary and better than -70 dB would provide stable connections.