Battery in percentage

Knowing what voltage means is confusing and I do t always have the reference page telling me what they mean. A more simple “battery percent” would be very helpful, specially for those in northern latitudes with really short days in the winter.

voltage is easy to measure. Calculating a percentage is much harder as there isn’t a clear relationship between those. The energy content left doesn’t decrease linear with the voltage. Also the 100% level like you see displayed on your telephone isn’t constant and decreases over time as the battery gets older. (less energy, but still displayed as 100%).

How about a battery “state” descriptor that is related to the voltage-controlled sampling rate. For example “full” for VDC > 2.455 and descending through “good” and “low” to “minimal” for VDC < 2.355. I’m much more interested in the current sampling rate. Maybe I’ll start a new topic.