Battery gauge on AIR intermittent

I just returned from a trip abroad and, while gone, checked the weather in the bay area since there have been fires and smoke and generally unhealthy conditions. I found that my AIR battery level was not showing. This morning I checked again and it was showing, and then it stopped showing. If I go to the graph it shows a flat line of having power, so something seems to be going on. Has anyone else noticed this for either the AIR or the SKY?


Can you show a screenshot of the issue? It’s not clear if you mean the battery display is missing or it’s reporting zero volts.

IMG_5229 PNG

I have had exactly the same issue with the Air on station 5240

The issue lies in the Air itself. It is not showing station pressure or humidity.

So what is to be done?

Contact and reference this topic. Include you station id in the email.

I am tagging David @dsj so he will be aware.

We do have known-issue where the AIR and SKY can report battery voltage as zero (which is impossible). It’s a benign and relatively rare issue that will be addressed in a future firmware update. Looking at your data, it appears this may have been affecting your AIR, though it’s possible this was just the first signs of a failing device, because your pressure and RH values are also pretty crazy.

[edited] Are you still using the original field test AIR??? If so, please replace with the new production AIR we sent you in October 2017.

Your AIR on station 5240 does not show any evidence of the issue above (battery voltage drop-out). Please give us a little more detail: which app (android, iOS, web) exhibits the drop-out? Are you connected via BLE at the time? Anything else that might be a clue?

Occasionally the air on 5240 reports battery of ‘—’ on the IOS app, connected by BLE. I’ve not noticed it at any other time. Unfortunately I am back in the UK until spring so unable to test or comment further. I will see if is still happening next time I am there and let you know directly if so.

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@jhodgesatmb . Appreciate the report. Upon further inspection, it appears that you are still using the original field test AIR sent to you way back in March 2017. This test device has been deprecated. Please use the new production AIR that we sent you in late 2017 instead.

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I have only 2 AIRs and 2 hubs. I have 3 SKYs, one that was replaced. My other AIR is in a different location and hadn’t been deployed yet. My understanding was that I would get 2 functional AIRs. Did you send me 2 production AIRs? If so many apologies and I will find it. Things have been a mess here for months.

Jack Hodges, Ph.D.
Arbor Studios

I’m betting you received a beta Hub and Beta Air on your first shipment. That’s is what has been retired and should not be used. Unless you did indeed order and pay for two stations.

But I’m probably wrong.

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@jhodgesatmb Hi Jack. Hope your remodel is going well. To refresh your memory: our ‘Field Tester’ package on IndieGogo included: 1 pre-production test KIT (HUB,AIR,SKY) for early testing and development purposes, plus 1 production KIT (HUB,AIR,SKY) once all hardware development was finalized. As noted, the pre-production devices were intended for testing only and have since been deprecated. We did send most field testers an extra SKY device as we needed to test additional versions of the SKY device. You should have received in total: 1 test AIR (deprecated), 1 test HUB (deprecated), 2 test SKY (deprecated), 1 production AIR (current), 1 production HUB (current), 1 production SKY (current).

Make sure you are using the production (current) devices! Will send a you a DM regarding another production AIR.

This is the known-issue where the AIR and SKY can report battery voltage as zero (which is impossible, of course). It’s a benign and relatively rare issue that will be addressed in a future firmware update. Thanks for the report!

Same issue here over 2 new units, including a new one. Not a big issue… the voltage reappears in a bit

More information here: