Battery doesn't charge enough to keep Tempest on

I set up my new Tempest last week and it looks like the battery just slowly drained and did not charge at all for the first 5 days. Then it went completely dead for 2+ days and came back to life for a few hours only to die again. The first few days of it being installed were mostly cloudy, but the last few days it has had full sun. Today it charged enough for it to last a couple of hours before it died again. The Tempest is in full sun and the solar panels face south in order to maximize solar input. The station id is 21012. I have opened a support ticket, but they seem swamped and I wanted to see if there were any suggestions from the community as well.

Welcome to the Weatherflow community ,

Sorry your Tempest doesn’t work correctly. You did the correct action by opening a support ticket and indeed, it is swimming pool at CS.

I had a look and it went only down except a few very short periods with really lot’s of sun. Something isn’t working correctly but what ??? Something that can’t be determined remotely. I don’t think there is much you can do nor we …