Battery backup for tempest

Yes. That is a requirement. I am looking at small 5v UPS devices that are built to better manage battery life.

That is a concern for all connected devices. Everything I own is either POE or 12v/5v so I can keep power to all devices.

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thanks… the pass through power banks are not really intended to power something like the Tempest hub. That makes me reluctant to go that route. I too have been looking at some small UPS solutions. Not certain what direction to go.

A good unit will power the Hub for several days. One just has to find the right one.

I’m member of a (closed) community driven project designing one for RaspberryPis and ESP32s that will satisfy you. I hope :wink:
But as often in community projects: it will take some time until it’s design and prototype testing will be finished.
I can tell you then. :slight_smile:

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What is your concern about using them with such a low power device? My older Anker 10Ah battery bank has pass-through and it works fine. Temperature stays low due to the very low draw of the hub.

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Good question. Guess I am not comfortable with a lithium-ion type battery in a constant charge/discharge state. Also have not been sure what happens if there is power outage. I think some power banks stop pass through when that happens.

Did not know Anker had ever made a pass through power bank. I have 3, and none of them have that feature. I missed out.

When power is lost of course pass through stops because there is nothing to pass through. The battery happily keeps the device plugged into it powered. Pass-through isn’t constantly charging and discharging the battery. Once the battery is at what ever the manufacturer decided was full the battery sees no cycling until power is removed.


Yeah. At the same time since the hub is a constant power draw the power bank is always in charge mode. I generally don’t like anything to charge continually. After some thought I am going to buy a small UPS.

No, it is in pass through mode. Nothing is charging. What do you think that small UPS is going to be doing? Yep, the same thing.

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RAVPOWER states that their USB PowerStations are charging constantly when there is a draw on power. Pass Through (the battery), rather than By-Pass.
Anker also states they no longer do Pass Through due to battery concerns. I must say if heat build up is properly managed I do not see a big problem,but still some degree of lifetime reduction.

They would be hard pressed to convince the electrons to actually do that. What they are really concerned about is heat buildup from the charging circuit and from the power circuit. When the battery is full energy actually just goes through one wire to the terminal and right out or on to the other wire on the same terminal. That is how the physics works.