Basic UDP server for a Raspberry Pi Pico W

Just finished up a Python server program that is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi Pico W. At about $6 for the board, and it’s readily available (unlike most Raspberry Pi boards), its a great option for anyone wanting to run a server to pull real time data from your hub/sensor.

It’s pretty basic, all it does is print the readings to the console, but I think it’s good baseline to get anyone started developing this for their own PicoW


That is pretty cool !!!

I have a couple pico rigs with ds18b20 sensors that display to either a nokia 5110 LCD or a small OLED display. Similarly adding a display to this project would be pretty slick as a cheapo roll-your-own console.

My stuff is HERE if you wanted to take a look at the display code. I bought a handful of both kinds of displays before the covid adventures started so I had them sitting around. Adding in the display stuff to your listener would be a nice project if you have the pieces.

note - I update my display every 10 secs as in the past I found issues with the pico seeming to crash under some unknown circumstances. Seeing the OLED flash briefly occasionally tells me it hasn’t locked up or the like.

(sorry - I can’t find a picoW yet so I settled for the non-networked ones to get my feet wet there. Fun little platform that’s way easier to code for than nodeMCU)

One question - can you add a MQTT subscriber to your setup ? That would let folks add in just about anything and have the pico drive it…

update - I picked up a couple picoWH and a Waveshare 1.3" LED HAT from the US PiShop site when they were in stock earlier this week, so I might take a crack at getting a rudimentary display added to your stuff in the next week or two…

I don’t have any WF gear any more, but I can probably cobble something together with your code or my WF listener (link) and my WF UDP simulator (link) along with the waveshare demo code for the display.

Cost for a working display without case or power+cord would be:

  • pico WH - $10.95
  • display - $9.95
  • shipping - $9.95 (ugh)

Theoretically folks finding them at a Microcenter or the like can beat those prices if they can find the pieces in stock…

If I get anywhere on the code, I’ll followup here unless you’d like a separate thread or for me to use one of the other ‘want a cheap console’ threads all over the forums…


If anybody can find the demo code for this display from Waveshare, this would make a pretty cool little display with some tweaks to grab the WF data.

This little HAT for the pico works great and it even has some buttons to let you switch displays theoretically, but I can’t find the demo code to alter :frowning:



Documentation and code are here.