Barometric pressure

Hello, does anyone know if there is any kind of adjustment for barometric pressure or is what tempest reads is gospel. Thanks

Pretty sure it reports pressure as it measures it, ‘not’ corrected for altitude.

Please explain more why you are asking.

Yes I’m only seeing some small separation from my other two stations that I rely on. So if I notice tempest off too much is there an adjustment of some sort that can be done on my behalf or from WeatherFlows side.

How long has the Tempest been in service?

I’m in day 14 with tempest

Your station may start receiving calibration soon. WeatherFlow will be comparing your data with the data from other stations and send calibration information to your station. If you notice that your readings are dramatically off then create a support ticket and the tech staff will investigate.

Depending on how your other station works, you might be seeing differences due to altitude corrections being applied to measurements on your ‘other’ stations. For example my VP2 is off a consistent amount from my WF gear. I did the math for altitude correction and it lines up exactly when I add the altitude correction into the WF gear’s measurement. Formulas for how to do the math are here on the derived measurements page.


Thanks do you know what they mean by turning on there Ai powered forecast system on full throttle I was told that at weather flow and more details coming soon? Thanks

not understanding what weather ‘forecasts’ have to do with barometric pressure ‘measurements’, which was your original question…

I’m just watching the baro at this point just checking if you knew what they were describing about the ai being turned on full for tempest owners that’s all. If not I’m sure we will find out

There is Continuous Learning that provides calibration data to your device that makes it accurate. I do not know if it’s turned on.

How do we find out if it’s turned on is there a way to find out ?

Calibration is running for everyone since long on all devices. It runs not each day for all sensors. For pressure it is once every 2 weeks on average (depending also on server loads etc). Each run does not automatically change your station. If it concludes all is ok it will just skip …
For now there is no way to change anything our side.

What is now slowly ramping up (and learning) is the integration of our local data into the weather models used to give us the forecast. And as AI suggests, it is ‘learning’ as it goes. And sometimes when you learn, you make mistakes …

What is added to FW143 is the compensation of temperature regarding the hardware. As we can’t set the Tempest is a screen as requested by weather station standard, Weatherflow made a mathematical model from the plastics etc used in the Tempest and calculated how it influences when in full sun, in shade etc since it reacts differently then the air in a pro screen for exemple .