Barometric Pressure way off

Support did contact me and asked me to do a reset by pushing the clear button near the power button but that did not fix the issue.

I sent back a response indicating that and please send a replacement unit. I am now waiting on the response that the replacement unit has been sent. Of course I can’t wait for the unit. So far this weather station is so cool!


I got my replacement unit yesterday and its all good to go. Now I have accurate readings on my barometric pressure. Now WeatherUnderground is now showing my station now it has quality readings. Before my station wasn’t showing on the public network. You should get it soon, I know you’re excited to have a perfectly working unit like I was. Yeah this station is the best I’ve ever owned and it’s amazing technology on the wind and rain readings.

My replacement unit has arrived and is up and running. The pressure is spot on. It was so easy to swap out and link my history with the “Replace Device” button.


Awesome, my replacement lasted less than two days. Now waiting to see about getting another one and hopefully this one will be the one.