Barometric Pressure "Indicator" not accurate with data value in iOS App

I have observed that the Barometric Pressure “Gauge” does not “point” to the approximate position that I would expect on my iPhone. The Graph data indicates a range of 27-33 inHg, therefore I would expect a value of ~ 30.00 to be 1/2-Full Scale (12 o’clock position), however my numerical value of 29.685 inHg is pointing to a position that would represent something more like “27.XXX” on my iPhone.

The indicator when viewing my Station Web page shows a different position, and appears to better reflect the numerical value displayed.

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FWIW, the needle on my iPhone X is in a similar (but not exact) position right now, and the barometer is reading 29.64. Not going to say that I have confirmed a problem just yet, until the gloomy weather that has plagued the northeast for weeks now finally breaks.

Build 323, FWIW…

OK. I have iPhone-8, running iOS App V3.10, Build 323.

My Fire-HD8 (Android App) and Station WebPage are both pointing to a position which more closely represents the numerical value indicated.

perhaps zoom in a lot so you can actually see the last data point in the graph. That’s the value that should match. The zoomed out value might be, and probably is, an average that doesn’t match the latest measurement.

My last data point (at this moment) is 29.79 and the pointer is at the “9:30” position.

All: I have received confirmation from the WeatherFlow Support Team of the issue which is: “looks like the amount of degrees the dial rotates the needle is different between the apps and website. The Smart Weather team will look into this and get it added to their list of improvements.“

Looks like the issue will be resolved in the next release of the App.

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i misunderstood your problem. Sorry. Your problem is that the needle for pressure in the webinterface points in a different direction then on your iphone. that is rather unexpected and probably is a bug somewhere.
I just noticed a slight cosmetic bug as well. the central axis of the needle appears offset to the left on android and only slightly offset to the right on the web.

I too can point to a different barometric pointer location on the Safari web page vs the app, both being viewed on the same IPad Pro. The website rendering appears more accurate.

There is also a cosmetic issue with the rendering of my station’s name as can be seen below. This clears up when the iPad is held in the landscape mode.

Example of today’s Barometric Pressure readings. At 30.000 inHg, you can see the difference of pointer positions. Web pointer is fairly accurate (12:30) while the iOS App is not (10:00).

Similar issue with Android 3.10 on a fire 8. Pointer center a little off to the right too.

Well, this is what I see.


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Gary, based on the pointer location, have you considered evacuating? :wink:


Here is Android Phone app version:

And here is web version:

I tried but it didn’t get better. :wink:

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At least your pointer moves. Mine fell off.


I’m also seeing two different locations showing on Android app and Chrome with my Pixel C tablet. Clearly visible with dual window.

Same for me on latest WF and iOS13ß2 versus web.

Guess it has to do with the min max values on the scale ??? Or lack and it is set auto and routines react differently ??? For sure coders will solve it soon enough :slight_smile: