Barometric Pressure Incorrect

Evening all from Rangiora,
I’ve had my station for some time (Kickstarter) and have this running alongside a 16 year old Davis 6163.

Touch wood I’m fortuate to not have had any issues, apart from the Barometric Pressure.
I could never get this to ‘calibrate’ to match the other 2 Tempest’s in my area, not my Davis.
I had to manually alter the Elevation to 525m above sea level and setting was correct.
But I reset the Location and didn’t realise I can’t edit the Elevation anymore - so my reading is now incorrect.
Should be 997.8 (as at 2148 NZST on 20/11) but is reading 943.5!
Checked the other 2 stations in my town and they match (almost) my Davis.
How I can I sort this?

I need to have this accurate as relocating this station to another part of NZ @ Xmas and want to know this is solvable for my unit.

Thanks in advance,

PS: Would like to get another Tempest for a family member but have noticed now for sometime I’m not able to for NZ. Any reason why?

Hi Paul,

There is a bug in the app regarding the elevation settings. For now use the webpage for this via (logins identical to app). This should be fixed next release.
You should not fiddle with hight to get an accurate pressure reading in normal cases. The system does a calibration about once a day but if you don’t stop changing the values it can’t be accurate since it takes that in account. Let it run with real levels for a few days. If it doesn’t come close to your pressure open a support ticket to have this seen into.

You’ll get a mail regarding international orders.

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Thanks Eric - 24 hours later has come right - and bang on. Cheers. Paul

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