Barometric Pressure Adjustment

Quick question from a new owner here.

I have had my unit mounted and running for about 2 weeks or so now and I have been happy with it so far. The one thing I have noticed it that it reads a little higher than all of my local stations, even other Tempest units. When does the “adjustment” typically take place after a new install?

Also, is it normal for air density to always read the same since original install? Mine has always read, “0.08 lbs/ft3”.

My unit is at roughly 4ft land elevation, mounted on a 6ft pole. Any suggestions or info appreciated.

S. Egli
Washington Park, NC
Station: 38310

Hello and welcome seglia4

Just had a look and the routine ran twice regarding pressure but it wasn’t happy with the result (ran jan 5th and 9th) but for some reason didn’t get enough datapoints.
Not sure when it’ll run again on your data but can’t be too long anymore.
Next to that I saw some calibration data wasn’t applied as it should, just gave your hub a little smack :wink: hopefully things will be ok the coming days

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Mine has never been accurate even though I put in my elevation accurately. I just adjusted my elevation above sea level to get it to agree with the local NWS station (5 miles away)

Did you contact support and give them time to look into it while it had the correct elevation values?

No… but I can go back to my correct elevation and contact them. Do they do some kind of adjustment on the device?

It is possible that the auto calibration isn’t working. Set the heights back to their proper settings. Maybe @eric can look under the hood to see what is going on and determine if you need to contact support.

When I’ve taken my mobile station with me it usually takes a few days to get calibrated. Sometimes as short as a day, but it does get calibrated.

I twisted the arm of your hub a bit and it will soon start to apply calibration values, so reset correct elevations and it should come ok.


I did that yesterday evening so I will keep an eye on it.



How long should it take for the Tempest to “correct” the SLP? No change in the error pattern since you twisted the hubs “arm”. :slight_smile:

Thanks @eric for your help. I am monitoring, but still haven’t seen a notable change so far.

As an aside, WF and the Tempest community are unbelievably helpful individuals!


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I would note that if you look at your station in the Tempest Station Map Air Density is the last entry in the list and is provided with 5 significant digits. Mine also has been reporting 0.08 lbs/ft3 however right now looking through the Tempest Station Map it is showing 0.07808 lbs/ft3.


Hi… Its been over 24 hours… the SLP difference between my station and the NWS station is still around .09"… i.e. 29.99 vs 30.08(me).

Do we need to wait longer on this?




Wanted to let you know that my pressure is now inline with all of the units and other weather stations nearby.

Thanks for your quick assistance!



I have the same problem, mine has been reading about .10 high since installed. I notified support a couple weeks ago, got an unhelpful reply, and high bias continues. Next step I guess is to play around with the height above ground setting, though I have no idea how much to adjust this by to get my readings down .10

I think about 90 feet. You can start there and see how much it changed the SLP… then adjust some more if needed.

Thanks. It would seem that if I increase the height above ground, it’s going to raise the SLP on my unit, to compensate, which is the opposite of what I’m after. (Unless I’ve got that backwards) And I can’t really reduce my height above ground by that much, unless I use a negative value. Any tips appreciated! Maybe it’s elevation above sea level I need to change.

I found that changing the height above ground to negative 75 ft., I was able to reduce the SLP on my unit by .09 or .10 in Hg to a value comparable to surrounding NWS stations.

Lets see what @eric can do. Maybe he can see behind the scenes and kickstart the calibration on yours. You would need to have the proper height entered in the app, however.

This seems a case of not applied calibration, but I can’t get it to accept it. I need to get some help from more ‘skilled’ technicians. But at this hour they are zzzzzz
Will do as fast as I can find someone.

Ok, your hub has been updated and calibration data has been applied.

Hopefully it works now.