Barometer discrepancy

@peter I’ve got also a issue with my barometer. Your software is reporting 1025.8 for example, but when I look it up on my weather tempest site, it’s always +2 or -2, for example: 1025.6.

Any idea?

Have you ever changed your station elevation or height above ground of your Tempest/Sky device in the Tempest app after setting up the PiConsole?

A discrepancy in the overall elevation could cause the difference you are seeing

No, I only replaced it and I notice it. How can I fix this?

Can you share your wfpiconsole.ini file with me in a private message. I need to investigate why you see a difference

Done. We cannot reply in your main thread btw because it’s archived?

As I thought, this is caused by a mismatch between the elevation and device height in your .ini file and those on the Tempest website (33.54904174804688 m vs 33.54618453979492 m and 4.0 m vs 1.8288 m).

I suggest you first update to the newest version (just released) using wfpiconsole update, delete your existing .ini file, and then allow the console to generate a new one when you run wfpiconsole start. This should correct the discrepancy you are seeing.

Yes, the old thread is archived now as there is a new, dedicated PiConsole sub-forum. It is best to start a new thread for new issues, as it makes it easier for people to find solutions.