Baro pressure is off again

Hello I’m asking why after weeks of good barometric pressure readings my tempest is suddenly off 3 or 4 points on the high side for no apparent reason or cause it’s separating again over the last too days. It has already been able to correct and get back in line when this happened before but for now I’m off again. It is a head scratcher to be sure.

What is your Station ID? What are you comparing too?

My I’d is 21136 and I have a very good Davis station and a kestrel hand held unit and they both agree with each other and appear to be very accurate. The Davis and kestrel are set at 472 altitude but the tempest came up with 467 above my house if that really means much. Crazy thing like I mentioned is tempest was right on board with both those units for some time, until 2 days ago including today.

What did you enter for the height above the ground? If they are all at the same height you should have entered 5 feet.

If you are talking about the thousandths place then that is well within the measurement error of the sensor. IIRC, the absolute pressure is within 0.03" and the relative pressure is within 0.003".

No my Davis is a good bit lower then tempest the tempest if you measure from below my deck up to the top of the unit which is mounted on top of my deck box on the railing. A 5ft tripod is on top of my box the box is mounted on the railing so all in all I get 30ft approx from the ground up to the tempest. If that’s not the way to measure let me know exactly what to put in for that measurement. The kestrel is a hand held unit but keeps great baro readings.

Tempest has been running 4pts higher all day today.

Then you need to put in 30 feet above ground in the app. I’m still not sure what you mean by points. What is the unit?

Excuse me I mean if baro is 30.25 tempest is reading 30.29 four higher last two days for example. I have it at 30 ft. Haven’t touched that.

With a margin of error of the Tempest of 0.03" and what ever the error on the Davis is both are within their margins of error of each other.

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