Athom Homey integration



Are there any plans on developing an app for Athom Homey?


I have not ever heard of Athom Homey. What is it?


Athom Homey is probably one of the most generic and common home automation gateways out there, supporting a lot of custom apps protocols, and standard protocols like ZigBee, Z-Wave, 433 and 800 Mhz bands.
Athom Homey

I’m thinking of creating an app for it, with a driver for Smart Weather Station, so that it can trigger flows locally, without the need for IFTTT. But I thought I should ask first if there are any plans on developing such an app from your side.


Ahh. It is 100% dependent on Internet. That’s why I haven’t heard of it.


Actually it is not. Even with no connectivity Homey works on running its logic.


Take a look here: Weatherflow Homey App