Arduino with e-paper

I just found this site:

An arduino drives an e-paper screen to display the weather forecast for the Open Weather Map site

Maybe someone could modify the code to fit the Tempest API?

My knowledge in the Arduino is very limited!


If you use Weewx or Weather Display with your Tempest then you get get a number of eink examples running - the one you linked to would read in your Tempest data from the Open Weather Map site.

Or if you are running home assistant you can pull in any data to an ink display (without any Arduino know how). This thread is good:

I have just set up a 2.9 inch ink display and I’m about to post a 4.5 inch example on the page, along with the 3d files and the code.

This is the 2.9 inch one -



Andy, That display is really awesome looking!

I love this!
I have an old iPad sitting on my desk and would love to have a weather display like your larger one showing on it all day.

Could you please work on that. I’m sure you could put it on the app stores for both android and Apple, and many would appreciate it.

Thank you for considering this project.

If you have an iPad there are lots of options - from simply using the Tempest app displaying through to running sites such as belchertown via weex (see - all you need is a raspberry pi and your good to go (well and a day or so to work it out), its worth putting the time into through. Or just simply more of a pure data view - eg (

There are also quite a few apps as well that will take in your own tempest data - Carrot Weather for example on the App Store.

You should be able to find one to display on your iPad :slight_smile: eink is a slightly different beast but quite fun…


If you go web for this, ultimately it’s just a CSS and a table.

The hardest part for all these little projects is figuring out how to power it without a bunch of ugly wires going everywhere, and how to do it cleanly if you have no access (or desire) to 3D print a custom solution.

It did get me going again on fiddling with my 2.13" waveshare hat + Pi ZeroWH. I put my zero in a FLIRC case and have a minimal clock running on it based on the examples. Adding a MQTT subscription to get the weather stuff as well shouldn’t be a big deal.

I might add - be ‘very’ careful with partial refreshes or you can damage your ePaper display.

Here’s a photo of mine. The small print was a clock that did a partial refresh every few secs for about 15 hours. The large print is something similar that only ran for a couple minutes.

Uncertain if I can undamage it. I even get ghosting from the demo C program that only puts the logo up there for a few seconds.

I doubt it’s permanently damaged. Try running code that does a few full refreshes. Another alternative is to use a different library. Because different e-paper libraries may apply different waveforms to the display, some may work better than others. This one is one of my favorites for use on Arduino: GitHub - ZinggJM/GxEPD2: Arduino Display Library for SPI E-Paper Displays

The ink plate 6 is worth a look at - its much simpler to run, deep sleep works well and with a battery it can run for weeks…

this is an example I am using as an early test… The inkplate uses old Kindle screens :slight_smile: and there is a 10inch version currently being crowd funded…


Did you make further progress with the Inkplate? I have one that I ear marked specifically for a weatherflow display but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.

I did (sorry for the delayed reply) - I put a tutorial online at:

Its written so any webpage can be grabbed and shown on the display - so either the custom weather page I use or simply the weather flow page.

Hope that helps - the new 10inch Inkplate looks interesting…