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Working, no error reported but fields from dewH to right are not filled. Those fields are calculated by weathercalc?


Since Humidity is invalid, there is no way to calculate the dew point, air density and density altitude.


Aha, ok. Maybe better to insert ‘‘0’’ or similar just to show that calculations are working.


The calculations are not working. That’s why they are null.


Ok, thank you for your support.


It’s my pleasure to work with you. Just one more issue solved.

What is your station ID, I want to look at your sensor data?

In the DailySensor table for today what is the rh_failed value for that Air?


My ID is 5291, value is 0.


Thank you. This feels like a bug or at least an area where the firmware failed to catch a failure.


FYI and changes.

I am adding the sensor status to the Devices page so you will see some new files tonight. The base code is in place but I have a lot more work to do on the Devices page. The data is there in order but it’s non-descriptive.


The Devices tab will now show you sensor failures for Today.


ok, and how do we read the sensor status, I have other numbers then you …??
yours start with 7, mine with 1 …



See the legend at the bottom?

Air Sensors: Total, Lightning, Pressure, Teperature, Humidity
Sky Sensors: Total, Wind, Precip, Light/UV

Air has five numbers, Sky has four.

Your device SK-00007807 is defective. .


I saw the legend but I still can’t ‘translate’ the numbers

what do the numbers means ? They change all the time

regarding sky 7807 : guess it is related to low voltage and several sensors have gone silent to preserve batteries



The numbers, 580 580 0 0 are Total sensor readings, total wind failures, total precip failures, total light/uv failures.

The first number in the set is the number of sensor readings for the day. The remaining numbers are the number of failure readings.

Your Sky has had a complete wind sensor failure.


now I understand, yep wind isn’t recorded, but once I install fresh batteries or who knows a solar panel, it’ll come up again.


Did you set up Pushover to send you alerts?


yep, I get the alerts but in this case it is normal as I used NiMh rechargeables. They don’t hold voltage long enough. Had no Energizers at hand when the previous set dropped out (every 6 weeks on that sky) … and honestly hoping the solar panel will come. For now I switched to my production set for readings and leave the ther sky as is just for rain measurement.


Okay. I wasn’t sure if I had actually put in alerts for sensor failure. I need to look at that code anyway to make sure I trigger only once.


@eric , What was the Sky battery voltage just before the first non-zero or non-four sensor value?


where can I find that ?? Have to go in database I guess to find the trigger moment and values ?