ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage


Uplink is provided through eth0 and I could add an option to ask if you want to change it and accept an input for the interface.



That would be great.

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PM sent to you so you can test.



Is there an option to have all archive data saved to a USB attached SSB drive which would be a more secure way of storing the data as the constant writing to the SD Card could make it prone to corruption

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Yes, there is.

You can move the database folder and edit the MySQL config file to point to the new location. MySQL has always had this capability.

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FYI, I have been running for over 10 months and so far haven’t seen any card issues. Another 10 months will tell.

I am also working database replication so the data can be stored at a second location.



Hi @GaryFunk,
I have left automatic updates turned off since early Dec18. Yesterday I ran ‘UpdateFiles’ and ‘AlterTables’ from the about page links.
My Database level changed from to
And I thought everything was good.
Today my instantaneous temperature on the display stopped updating but the max temp was working.
For some reason my Database level had changed back to
Here are some screen captures:
Prior to first update:

After updates:

Then today:

So I ‘Updated Tables’ and updated files again

But my display is not updating temp and pressure:

Thank you very much for your great work and excellent guidance in anticipation.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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I can’t explain why the database reverted back to the old version unless you ran the install script again.

However, I did find the bug that is causing the value not to update. I have uploaded the fixed file.



Wow @GaryFunk, 12 minutes to find solve and upload the update. You are the quickest software support on the planet :slight_smile:



Thank you, Ian. I appreciate your comments and especially the excellent bug report. I think it’s important to keep the application updated and working. There are a couple of users that depend on it working. I won’t mention names but for one his initials are @dan.gealt. :wink:



Thanks Gary for keeping my identity obscured through use of initials . . . and it would be way to difficult to spell out the entire name given that set of initials (I can barely spell it all out myself). No, but seriously folks . . . I use the ArchiveSW package every day and I am really extremely happy with all that it can do. Also, the new setup where the Raspberry Pi is also acting as the WiFi access point for the Hub is working great.



That would be fantastic

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I think so. I want the data locally but I also want to be able to access the data through my cloud website. This way I can use the website to produce high powered graphs and data analysis. And give others access to the site.



Excellent @GaryFunk


= First time I read that you will create graphs, Great I love graphs and they are really useful to get an idea of ‘change’ in values.

I am looking forward to graphs on ArchiveSW???
cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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'Ang About. ArchiveSW won’t do any graphing. My plan is to replicate the database from ArchiveSW to a database on my website. Once the data is on the very powerful website server, I can use the dozens of graphing solutions available for web servers. This is the simplist solution with which I can come.

One can also set up a web server that is on the local network. The software applications are readily available. I just need to piece them together.



Hi Gary. Have you posted detail on how to connect the hub to the pi’s access point?



Here is the script to set it up.

bash -e <(wget -qO -

Be sure to run the script to update your RPi as mentioned in the above script.


Need MAC Address for Wi-fi Connection

Once the Pi’s access point is set up you will need to use the WF app to set the hub to the new access point.



For those of you that never or seldom update your RPi I have a script that will take care of everything for you. It will fully update the RPi and inform you if it needs to reboot.

bash -e <(wget -qO -



I have uploaded new files for ArchiveSW that fix errors caused when using the RPi as an access point. These errors were mostly cosmetic however there were times when archive.js would fail to store UDP data upon a reboot of the RPi.

You will need to manually restart the revised processes.