April 2021: Tempest App Updates

Thanks for the report, @therobf. We are taking a look at that issue now.

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@ershler You might have a build from Testflight installed. Check the app store and see if you have an update.

@therobf There will be a fix for this in the next build. Thanks for reporting this issue!

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Thanks for all the hard work the weatherflow team puts into this. I have to share some constructive criticism on this the recent update. It is a downer with the removal of the forecast card. I like the card view cause its easier to read at a distance, but i like the forecast and hourly reads from the default page. Having the forecast card “kind of” met a happy median. Also, adding dark mode would have been a much better improvement than removing the forecast card. It would also be nice to have an hourly forecast card. Basically just a copy and paste of the current hourly display on the main view(i will add this to a feature request topic). Thanks guys and gals!

you might want to chime in here Removing the forecast card or not?


Updated iOS and Android apps are rolling out now. These are bug fix builds that fix some of the issues discovered in our last update.

iOS - 4.17 (490)

Android 4.5.8 (146)

  • Fixed issue with data not updating when in Full Screen Mode

Also, I want to let you know that we hear your feedback on the forecast card and we will be discussing things internally.

If you spot any issues with the apps, please let me know.


I would love an Android Widget made from WeatherFlow! I have the ongoing notification but I would be nice to have! Keep up the good work!