[Apple] Port app to Apple Watch

It would be really handy if the app could be ported to the Apple Watch and Android counterparts.

I’m adding my vote to an Apple Watch app, with complications for at least the temperature circle complication on all applicable faces (incl. the Infograph Modular face). I’d love a middle complication with hourly forecast details like Forecast Bar, Carrot, or Snowflake does.

For those with Apple Watches and want something in the mean time, I use Forecast Bar for the middle complication on my Infograph Module face (which pulls data from Weather Underground when you’re within a certain distance of your weather station, configured with the iPhone app), and also Carriot weather for the temperature circle complication which does the same thing with Weather Underground. (You could use one or the other for both, but I’ve found Forecast Bar to be slightly more reliable in pulling data from WU timely than Carrot for some reason, and I love their sunset/sunrise circle complication.)


An Apple Watch application would be great

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Apple Watch app expected to be released really soon… https://www.cioreview.com/news/weatherflow-announces-the-availability-of-the-tempest-weather-system-nid-31895-cid-219.html


I’m for a Apple watch app. I don’t own a watch yet but in the future I plan on owning one. Just waiting on better battery life before I purchase one.

Just wondering if there is an eta for the apple watch integration - as per the link above?

I ask as I’ve just got the watch back out of the draw :slight_smile:


Would LOVE an Apple watch app with complication. Currently using “Carrot” but would prefer not to have the extra step. Thank you!

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