App v3.0 release

Not sure to post here but after the update of the Android app voltage is not dispayed sky nor air , the rainfall today and yesterday displays dashes. Graphs seems ok. Phone samsung Galaxy a8 Android Pie
Screenshot attached
Grts Ron

Fyi app v3.01(58)

Problem solved had to give write and location permissions, couldnt modify the post above.

@ruud, @Weather34,

We have submitted a revised version with support for iOS 9.x to Apple for review. This should be available in the next couple of days.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



That’s great! Thank you very much!

i was hoping this major upgrade would bring back the accurate rain rate graph and perhaps a better zoom and perhaps more than 32 data points in graph view.

Read and post here. What iOS version?

Sorry, version 9.3.5

As written above, there is a new version coming.

When I press to see the graph for lightning and use the + and - keys, the app crashes consistently, in both portrait and landscape mode. All other graphs work fine. Latest iOS app and iOS on iPad…

Anybody else with the issue ?

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yes on ipadAir2 , iPad Pro… same issue in testflight version and official app store IOS release .
for me it is ok to use the + to zoom max but when you hit - minus to go back it crashes .

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Ok so not just me. Thanks. I guess WF software engineers will have to get out the bug spray :slight_smile:

Looks good on Android, really like the history tab!

Startup logo and blue screen and fails.

Works fine on my iPad mini G4, iOS 12.2. No problems…

We’re working on reproducing and squashing this one. Thanks!


@cotedan @Weather34,

Graph bug appears to be situational but has been reproduced and resolved in the next build.



Awesome, and thanks for the quick turnaround.

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Excellent works OK on my android phone. No problems.
Cheers Ian

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On my Android I find the app glitchty. It often freezes for a few seconds and the graphs rarely open the first time I click them.

Also after I look at a graph the return arrow won’t take me back. I have to select history and then Now to get back to the main screen.

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While the new tabs are nice, from a desgin perepsective I do not like the loss of real estate on my screen for options I rarely use. I realize I can disable it to get the full screen back, but I would rather see a setting to save either screen as a default as oppose to having the new screen being the default and I constantly have to revert to the other screen.

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