[App] Switch between multiple locations

I use weather apps before traveling. I’d like to have a quick drop-down to add and retrieve the weather from another town. Even if I have to choose a specific Tempest in the other location that’s ok. I can do it with the web interface and bookmark it. The app supporting the ability ti store several locations would be very useful.

Not sure what platform you’re on, but I created a Shortcut on iOS/iPadOS to do this since the app is lacking a ‘favorite’ option.

I have a ‘Choose from Menu’ action that allows me to select from about 20 Tempest locations that I’ve set up URL links to. Click here to import the Shortcut example and customize how you like. I only left a few options in this draft version, but you can always add additional ones.

I also have the Shortcuts widget showing so I can quickly click the Shortcut and choose a location; optionally, you could add the Shortcut directly to your home screen.