App Shows "---" on Air


…just got my Air set up earlier in the week and the last three days I’ve noticed interesting App behavior on iOS between 12 PM and 3 PM CDT. All the elements have “—” but when I click on temperature, I am getting a graphical output of the real-time data. It goes away later in the afternoon. When I first saw it, I thought that I lost connectivity with the hub, but I have data that is only a minute old when clicking on the temperature.

Any thoughts?


Hi Chad

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  1. can you give the station number so we can look there what happens
  2. next time take a screenshot and post it here, sometimes way easier to understand what you mean/happens.

Thanks for the quick reply. I can see everything fine in the web browser, just not in the app. Here is a screenshot…


The station ID is 6679.

ok, at least we know the air is running fine via the web.

Is it each day at the same time happening or sometimes?

First try without wifi, pure cellular and see if that woks, if it works ok, then something blocks via wifi (a special rule ?? )

And we also once had a case for some reason the install wasn’t good, deleting the app, rebooting and re installing solved it. You won’t need to setup the station, just use your logins and it’ll come back as before you deleted the app.


Thanks Eric.

Yes…work is blocking it. It’s the first site I’ve coming across that they are blocking access on the app via WiFi.

Thanks for the troubleshooting!



Additional Info:

Sometime a security app is installing a VPN tunnel wich is automatically activated and not shown on the status bar.

This could cause similar issues.