App or watchface for Galaxy Gear S3 (Tizen)

I’m only missing the data from my Tempest on my Samsung Galaxy Gear S3. I know it does not have an Android OS but Tizen, but still would love to see an app - or possibly a Watchface - with the Tempest data of my station.

I join with a request for Tizen,
and not only for my Galaxy Watch 3, but also for the Galaxy Active Fit 2 series.

Would love to see a notification/app so I can read my Weatherflow stats on my Samsung Galaxy watch.
Maybe just an ongoing notification?

Thanks for considering it.

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I join with a request for Tizen - Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Active Fit 2 etc…

Unfortunately, I can no longer vote, I have no votes left

good idea, I don’t have an android watch but a garmin watch. Its api seems easy enough to implement something for weatherflow, but I didn’t do that… yet.

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Me either… but it IS on my ToDo list… :smiley:

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