[App] Monthly & Yearly Highs and Lows and Rain totals for Month and Year

I would really like to see Monthly & Yearly Highs and Lows and Rain totals for the Month and Year in the Tempest app.

The daily summary is great. Please add a Monthly and Yearly summary too which would satisfy the request above. Thanks.

i would prefer this to be coupled to the current graph, so in a corner of the graph it shows the total accumulated rain that is shown in that graph. This makes it way more flexible than just for the month or the year, or the last 30 days or the last 365 days


I like that idea too, but would still like the summary of all the values in one card like the current daily history. It would be nice to be able to choose a month or year from a dropdown and see the summary for that month or year selected.

More information on the graphs would be helpful too. I have also noticed the scale of the graphs should probably auto adjust to the data. For example, the Barometric Pressure pretty much looks like a straight line but would look better if the scale fit the data.

That seems to be device specific. I find that on Android the scaling is reasonable, on iOS and Web, not so much.

Interesting. Hopefully this can be fixed across the board. Thanks for the info.

If I could I’d put ALL my votes in here!
I find the lack of this functionality so disconcerting I’m contemplating spending $58 on the Weather Display software. They have a WF interface!

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Weekly as well. I added my vote here, but I submitted the same request as “History Rollups”

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