[App] Guest / read-only access for the app

To let others (then the owner) (=guests) use the app and don’t give full access to the settings as well, it should be possible for those to get an read-only account.
So those can set up the app individually according to units and alerts. Bot not being able to change station specific settings.

In addition the accounts (those of owners as well) will become able to “subscribe” to stations of different owners.
And finally, be able to set the alarms individual for each subscribed and owned station.

One option I would really love to see is the ability to create a personal/guest user account for the app. They will be able to receive standard app notifications and to be able to follow as many stations as they choose.

Would like to be able to save favorite stations around the world instead of seeing all of the hundreds out there and having to search for my favorites every time. What say you?

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I have tempest installed now . got it yesterday . but im a little disappointed that there is no
way that i can see for my wife to view the live data in the tempest app short of using same username and password .

why is there not a guest app that simply allows a guest to insert the station id and view same data that i see .

seems sorta pointless to have to open a website to see the data .

thinking of returning . a sub 400$ device should have this …

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Best way to see future enhancements implemented

… as @eric said…

And, check out the 3rd party app section for other options beyond the WF app.

it is pretty easy, just use the webinterface like https://tempestwx.com/station/15906/grid (but with your id). It looks pretty much the same as the app

does not do notifications or display in her notification bar . or any of the neat stuff i have like graphs and etc…

no it doesn’t do the notifications but it definitely does do the graphs and everything else. You could try to get notifications via ifttt

perhaps use this link https://tempestwx.com/station/15906/ (but with your id)

lot of trouble for something that should be simple …

dont see graphs anywhere on the web design .

I’d be interested in hearing why you think there should be a guest app? You have paid $400 for a device and therefore you get all the benefits of notifications etc. Why should WeatherFlow allow you to share all this with all and sundry? They would simply be opening the door to allow a whole neighborhood to share a single device, thus shooting their businesses model in the foot. Instead they have provided an open website where all the data can be viewed, except the added value of the notifications.

I appreciate in your case you want to share it with your wife, and unfortunately a by product of the above is that you can’t without using the same login and password.

Can’t you simply use a specific Tempest password for the app that is used nowhere else, and then problem is solved?

Edit: unless the guest app is a subscription model. That might work…

but actually I DO share my weatherstation with the rest of the world. But the rest of the world doesn’t get the notifications (or is allowed to change setup parameters) In my opinion that should be enough.

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just do the same thing you do in the app for getting the graphs.
(from the forecast page, click the icon in the top right corner to go to the live view page and click on any of the items you see there, like temperature or pressure)

stuff like this is not available . and should be . the weather station is for my household and as such everyone in my household should have access .

weatherflow went to the trouble of making a web interface that looks like the normal app, for people like you that do want to share the weather station’s data.

however the notification bar does not have the temp … or conditions .

ill return it … im not getting attacked .

sure it is.

guess they have a big bug then . i have 5 computers and none of them are clickable .

i use firefox …