[App] Favorite Station to a favorite list

Would like to be able to save favorite stations around the world instead of seeing all of the hundreds out there and having to search for my favorites every time. What say you?


you could use the web interface and create all your favorite bookmarks. Real easy.

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I would like to be able to add/follow other weather stations in different places to my account/app. Make it easy to flip through stations just like the way we can with owned devices now.

For example, my dad lives in Panama City Beach, FL. I’d like to be able to add a Tempest station already in that area (that has public viewing) to my IOS app so I can keep tabs on the local weather. There are 4 or 5 other areas in the country I would like to “follow” in an easy way.

It would allow me to consolidate my weather data to a single app.

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Hi @colterlovette,

First, welcome to the WeatherFlow Tempest Community. I moved your post here since it is the same request. It does appear that your vote was added to this one as well.


Cool. Which station do you follow down there? Even though I live in central Alabama, I do have a Tempest installed at one of my cousins’ dollar stores down there.

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Not sure what platform you’re on, but I created a Shortcut on iOS/iPadOS to do this since the app is lacking a ‘favorite’ option.

I have a ‘Choose from Menu’ action that allows me to select from about 20 Tempest locations that I’ve set up URL links to. Click here to import the Shortcut example and customize how you like. I only left a few options in this draft version, but you can always add additional ones.

I also have the Shortcuts widget showing so I can quickly click the Shortcut and choose a location; optionally, you could add the Shortcut directly to your home screen.

I was on vacation but was using public tempest data close by. Is it possible to add them as a favorite or to a list that i can access from the app rather than the website.

Seems like something so simple to me.

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think this is the feature you’re looking for so vote for it :slight_smile:


If anyone remembers Oregon Weather. Their apps are probably nowhere as good as this one yet they allow anyone to add their favourite weather stations and view all of them via the app. This should really be made available in this app and maybe notifications can be a subscription for those who want them for other weather stations that they don’t own but follow.

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As an example, my brother and I have each recently installed Tempest weather stations. Rather than having to click on a URL in a web browser to see the others’ station data, we’d like to be able to pick each other’s station as a drop down selection on the iOS (and presumably Android) app main page.


The BTSTWx app (free, unless you want the wind rose) will let you monitor multiple Tempest stations with real time updates.

That feature is going away, as it violates WeatherFlow’s Data Usage Agreement.

However, I am currently rebranding/porting the app to WeatherBox, which will allow viewing multiple stations (as long as that station is a WB client).


Thanks for the heads up, Gary, I’ll check it out!

Would like to see the ability to favorite other weather stations in the app. to be able to toggle between multiple weather stations of interest beyond your own, currently you need to search the map of the world and zoom in to find the station you want to view. Unless I’m missing something?


just add some bookmarks to your favorite browser, and select from those.

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Thanks sunny. I have them bookmarked on my desktop browser. I was hoping they could be integrated into the smartphone app.


( of course you could bookmark them on you phone browser as well :wink: )

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Great advice! It would still would be great if the developers allowed users to add stations in a “favorites” drop down within the app. A step further, having a side by side comparison of two or more stations in charts & data. I.E. North side of my town showing side by side weather data to the South side of my town; my home is in one but my work is in the other. :grinning:

that is way to special to add to an app. But you could easily open two web browsers next to each other and get your side by side view.
Or if you want them all in a single webpage, write something like this and save it as myweather.html. Just double click it and you’ll get three weatherstations.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <iframe align="top" src="https://tempestwx.com/station/32943/grid" marginwidth="0" scrolling="yes" allowtransparency="yes" height="1000" style="width:30%;">
  <iframe align="top" src="https://tempestwx.com/station/2176/grid" marginwidth="0" scrolling="yes" allowtransparency="yes" height="1000" style="width:30%;">
  <iframe align="top" src="https://tempestwx.com/station/32714/grid" marginwidth="0" scrolling="yes" allowtransparency="yes" height="1000" style="width:30%;">

It will look something like this:


I would like to be able to have other peoples tempests on the app. The data is already public on the web. This is a huge shortsightedness. Once this is done, then there is no need for a guest account. If the tempest does not belong to you, you cant change it, just view the data.

The exiting list should hold the tempests that you select. So, really, not much is required to have this feature. And this need not affect the API.