App expects green blinking light

While installing my replacement Air unit (the old one had a broken pressure sensor) it tells me that the green light on the Air should be flashing, but it is not. It only goes on for a short moment, just after installing the batteries. From the app it connect just fine (after a few tries) without the green flashing light.

When the green light is blinking it means it is trying to pair with a hub , sounds like yours paired with the hub Mission accomplished :+1:
If you still have trouble you can follow these steps

as mentioned, it connected fine, but didn’t blink.

It only blinks if it did not pair the led comes on solid green for 5 sec when batteries are inserted if it pairs it does not flash. If follow link I sent it explains the status led

That is what it was supposed to do, but it kept on complaining it couldn’t see the Air, and I needed to powercycle it and see the green led blinking. That is what the app said. The app never suggested to reset it. I did in the end and then it just connected without ever blinking.

Devices should be in pairing mode before connecting to the Hub = slow blinking green LED.
Once connected, they will flash rapidly and then go out.

@sunny sounds like maybe you were too speedy in the app to notice the slow blinking green?
This message in the app is helpful to initial setup. Did you use the replace device button?

No i didn’t use the replace button. Maybe I should have. But I think I’ve tried pairing the device almost a dozen times and it kept asking me to wait for the green blinking light after a Powercycle, but it never ever blinked. Let me suggest the addition of the reset possibility, instead of just powercycling. Something like : trouble finding your device? Powercycle the device by temporarily removing the batteries and wait for the green light to blink. Still having trouble? Reset the device by… etc.

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Yes, agreed, great suggestion.


When I power up the Tempest unit, I get a green flashing for 1 second, then purple for about a second and then off and then a message on my phone saying it failed to find a unit. The hub is on and connected to the app okay, just not getting anything from the sensor.

try resetting it. The green led is actually the reset button.


Thank you. That info wasn’t in the instructions. I had to actually push and hold the button (didn’t even know it was a button) until it started the pairing process.
Weatherflow should work on the instructions more.


I also noticed that if you have another device displaying the weather information using bluetooth you won’t be able to add a new device.

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Yes, IIRC that is a Bluetooth limitation.

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