App: different Devices show different modules

In the iOS version I found a behaviour, I have no idea why :
First iPhone XR schows he korrekt Sky (Garten +. SOL 11/2019):

On the second iPhoneXR the Garten+SOL 11/2019 is completely missing:

Is this issue still happening? It seems like the second device (iPhone XR) was not able to connect via WS. Are the phones connected to the same WIFI network?

Hi @corrineb,
sorry for answering so late, but I wasn’t able to…
But yes, the issue is still existing like before and the temperature and wind data are updating.
As well as I change the order of the values on the iPhone XR which is missing some device, then reopen the App on the other device, the values are shown in the new order on that device as well.
Do you need actual screenshots ?
Both devices are on version 4.05 (444) now.