[App] Dark Mode for applications

Add full on dark mode to the Tempest app on iOS and iPadOS; true black for the OLED screen.

The current white interface is brutal to look at in the dark even with brightness turned all the way down.

I second this request. I’ve switched all my apps to Dark Mode when available. Saves a bit on battery and is so much more comfortable at night to look at. Having said that, overall the app is excellent!


In case you haven’t, be sure to vote on this topic above too

i’m curious, why did you post, delete it and post the same message again?

Was attempting to reply directly to David. Thought I hadn’t, so I deleted and reposted a reply. Just made a mistake.

When you reply to the last post it tags the person in that post but it doesn’t show the icon because it’s the post above. Discourse is weird that way. You aren’t the first to miss this ‘feature’ and delete and re-post.