App connected to Hub via Bluetooth with no WiFi

Had an internet outage for a few hours last night so I played around with the App connected to the Hub via Bluetooth while the internet was down to see if it would send the Tempest observation data to the cloud via my cellphone connection. This did not seem to be working for some reason though I only left the App running in this state for 5 or 6 minutes. Is this expected behavior? Should I have left the App running longer? I did notice that once the internet came back, it took around 10 minutes before the data filled in on the cloud (about 3 hours of data).

I also noted that with Bluetooth only, the update rate to the app was every minute with no 3 second wind updates - see below screenshots. Other data seems to be missing as well in this Bluetooth only state. Is this expected behavior?

If your phone had access to a stable Internet connection and your phone wasn’t blocking the data from Bluetooth it should have sent the data. There could be an issue where, since the Hub still had a Wi-Fi connection the Hub may actually be the issue. I suggest you contact support.

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This morning, I tested this by shutting down my WiFi network and got the same result.