[App] Android Widgets (In Development)

I’d like a wx widget similar to wxunderground.


I assume you are referring to one that is always on the screen and not the one which shows in the notifications?

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Yes, I apologise as I should have been more specific

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I agree. I would like to have one with out having to pull down the notifications window.

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I third this idea, I would love to have an on screen widget. also a lock screen widget would be cool too.


Make sure you vote for it then.

I voted before I commented.


Since the loss of Dark Sky and Moved to Today’s Weather, now using my own weather station and the Tempest app I too would like to see Widgets on Android comparable to Today’s Weather. Just voted this up.

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I agree with this. We definitely need an Android configurable Weather Widget. The Weather Underground widget on my Android phone has gotten more and more glitchy with time, and don’t even get me started about Weather Underground since they were bought out by Weather Channel and the demise of the Storm App.


Yup. One more to the list asking for a widget…Thank you

I’d like this too or at least the ability to customize what information appears in the notification window. I get frustrated that is shows wind speed but not direction, and then have to open the app to get that information.

Would like this as well .

It’s a bit disappointing this isn’t already a feature with how much the station cost me.

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Yeah. All other weather stations have a great Android widget.

I just installed everything, and this was one of the very first things I looked for and was surprised to not find.

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Actually would be nice to have to option to connect the widget either to the UDP packets or the Weatherflow API / Websocket. I want my widget to be live not wait a minute for the api websocket to receive the data.

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Can you explain in better detail where you think there is a delay?

Unless i’m misunderstanding the way the api works with websockets it sends a observation packet every minutes. https://weatherflow.github.io/SmartWeather/api/ I know the UDP packets also send observations every minutes but the wind is every 3 seconds and the lighting is on strike.

Send a JSON message over the websocket connection to start listening for observations from the demo Device. After sending this message your connected websocket client sould receive a new observation JSON message every minute.

Does the websocket also update the wind and light strike on theses delay ? if it’s the case then good.

That is correct. Every 60 seconds the Sensor array sends data to the Hub. The Hub then processes that data and sends an MQTT packet to the servers and broadcasts a UDP packet. The server receives the MQTT packet processes it and sends it if there is an active websocket. All this happens within seconds.

How about an Android Tempest Widget that you can configure and select a station ID and 4 “tiles” (?) of the station parameter/data to display. Perhaps tied back to app on your phone … (think weather, tide, etc widgets…)