[App] Adding the dew point to the main weather live page permanently

I would really like to see the dew point next to the temperature and relative humidity. I understand that the dew point disappears when the heat index ( real feel) or the wind chill take over. I also understand that i have to keep going back to the raw data page to see the dew point if i wanted. Please add this request. This should be an easy fix. There is plenty of room to put the dew point in between the temperature and heat index along with the relative humidity. Little things like this make me happy seeing all the main atmospheric variables live streaming.


I would love to always see the dewpoint displayed. The heat index is less important to me than the dewpoint. Maybe make it an option to display one or the other or just make space or another card for dewpoint.

I’m confused, my DP is always displayed. I’ve never seen an option to switch to heat index. The only way I get heat index is to ‘flip’ the card to the back.

I believe it flips to it automatically when the temp and dewpoint hit a certain number. Not sure what that is yet. You can see in the attachment that it’s showing Heat Index right now. I didn’t do anything to make it flip.

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I believe you’re right, I totally forgot that. I’m not sure what that temperature threshold is to flip over to the heat index.

Dew point changes to heat index when 80 degrees or greater. I already created a post foelr this so maybe the more people request it they may consider it.

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@pcapaccio it changes when temp is above 80F AND humidity is above 40. both conditions must be met.