[API] - Wind Direction Offset


Would it be possible to request that Wind Direction OffSet is returned when using the below API endpoint?



  • Wind direction is something that we use a lot and if the offset changes for whatever reason, we need to know about it, so that we can reset it and update the readings for the period where the offset was possibly changed?
  • Another scenario for us is "What is the deployment of the WeatherFlow device is incorrectly done, we need to be able to correct the offset readings once discovered.
  • Because we are using these devices to facilitate environmental compliance, where the devices are placed outdoors in remote area’s they can be tampered with or animals may accidentally tamper with them (think buck brushing against mounting), which is another reason we monitor them every 24 hours and why Wind Direction Offset is so important to us.


the wind direction offset should never change. You set it once, because you didn’t orient the unit quite in the right direction. If the api would tell you the offset is 10 degrees, you learned nothing about the data, only that the unit wasn’t oriented correctly when mounted. As you don’t change it more than once, there seems no need for this api call.
Not that I am against it, but I don’t see the use case.

I agree with your completely, however we have seen it change on our side on two separate devices where on two separate occasions, and this is after have ensured that a standard operating procedure has been implemented and followed.

We can’t explain how the offset was changed and there is no log of the offset, hence the request for the API update.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts though. Much appreciated.

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