API information for Wind

Is it possible to retrieve wind data via the API every 3 seconds?
Someone said somewhere that it was dangerous for the battery. What do you say, is it possible and how?

How would it affect the battery? The API pulls from the WeatherFlow servers, not the Tempest sensor it self. The Tempest already sends the data every three seconds provided the battery voltage is in the correct range.

As for your first question, I assume the answer is yes since the apps, including the web app, update every three seconds, but someone else more knowledgeable will have to answer you more completely.


Have you begun reading from here: WeatherFlow Tempest API & Developer Platform
My guess to the question you asked is yes but…
My guess is that your question may mean ‘Is it possible to use the API to retrieve the 3 second rapid wind values?’
The easiest way to begin experimenting to see what is returned from the API is to use a browser window from this page.
WeatherFlow Tempest API & Developer Platform
The latest observations are updated every minute. You can refresh your browser window to see what happens if you refresh every 3 seconds.
I guess your reference to draining the battery might be due to this comment: Wind data every 3 second - #2 by eric which is referring to the Tempest sending a 3 second rapid wind reading or less often IF the Tempest battery voltage is low.
There is a way to get your own 3 second rapid wind values.
For example this thread: Websockets Clarification - #5 by livysdad27
Some developers on this group have created software which displays and some store the 3 sec rapid wind values. You can see their creations here:
Third-Party Integrations - The Tempest Weather Community
I used to use this ArchiveSW software to display and store my 3 second rapid wind values but I have not tried using it with a Tempest:
ArchiveSW - Display & Data Archive Storage
cheers Ian :slight_smile: