[API] Hourly wind prediction?

On the tempestwx.com page, can we get a wind prediction along with the “sky” and “chance” hourly predictions?

Just tap/click on any day and the wind forecasts is right there.

I’ve noticed that only the wind gust is forecast. Why not winds plus gust similar to most other forecasts?

I would like it displayed in the hourly box as well.

Hi @gizmoev and @pgrunwald,
I am viewing my https://tempestwx.com/station/4555/ page in Chrome on a Mac and can not figure how to see the wind forecast on that page. I can not seem to click a day or find the wind forecast anywhere. What am I missing, how do I do that?

Fortunately my station is included on the other Weatherflow created sites such as iwindsurf and ikitesurf.com so I use various links and widgets from them on my web page to view my wind forecast. https://wx.ikitesurf.com/spot/192410

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

Click on “Today” just below.

As @pgrunwald said, click on the day you want like “Today” or any where else on a particular day section for that matter. I don’t have a Mac but it works on MS Edge and Chrome on Windows 10. Have you tried Safari?

OK I learnt something (How to see the wind forecast) which I had searched for and couldn’t find. It does work in both Chrome and Safari.
Thank you :slight_smile:

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